a path for conscious and creative living

The Bloom Way Philosophy:

Is based on the psychodramatic technique called Surplus Reality. In the words of Zerka Moreno, mother of psychodrama, "surplus reality is used as a technique to complete and heal, to have an integrative effect upon the ego so that the protagonist feels better and can get on with his/her life... it is an instrument of disintegration and ... as a theatrical instrument ... it has a kind of cosmic reality... a timelessness and spacelessness about it that puts us in touch with cosmic powers..."

It is a space where "intuition is wedded to inspiration."

In the words of JL Moreno, father of psychodrama, everybody is a potential creator, and the closer we are to our connection with the invisible realms, the more creative we can become and live our primordial desires.

The Bloom Field, Altar, Mandala, and Print are the Bloom Way tools for using the invisible realm, stage within and without, to magically bring your soul into communion with your ego for living a life of deep authenticity and fulfillment.

Reference: Psychodrama, Surplus Reality and The Art of Healing

The Bloom Field:

Is the invisible realm where infinite possibilities and potentialities for your highest and core, soul way of being exist? It is a sacred space. One where deep belonging is offered, felt, and experienced if allowed through your core soul way of being becoming your way of being. This occurs through honoring, allowing, aligning with Awareness, witnessing, deepening trust, and sharing all of this is cultivated community. This intent is held and encouraged for All.

The Bloom Altar:

Is a miraculous space both within and without for Divine Process?

It is for offerings to be made for release and transmutation, for celebrations to be honored and intentions to be held. It is a metaphoric stage for spiritual alchemy and for realizing magical change for a life you love. It can be an actual space if one is in concretized. It is a space for offering Light to Shadow, allowing Light to be the agent of change for the optimal outcome. And it’s a space for calling in support and healing in service of anchoring and activating Unique Brilliance in Divine alignment. It is a space for meditation, reflection, unburdening, and elevation of vibration.

Essentially, it altar for and stage upon your greatest dreams can be realized.

The Bloom Star Mandala:

The Bloom Print Journey compass for creating and evolving your miraculous life. It encompasses:

  • The Basics of Being
  • The Foundations of Flow
  • The Gifts of Growth and
  • The Bloom Pillars of Wholeness with Brilliance Illuminating through Stigma shining through at its from the center.

The Bloom Print:

We all have a unique reason for being in this world with the highest motivation for living being that Purpose that we all feel deep within.

This is like a uniquely coded path to follow that your heart and soul serve to direct. I call this your Bloom Print.

Discover your Unique Brilliance at the core of this Bloom Print, and how that informs your Life Purpose, highest calling, and what we call your Bloom Vision.‚Äč This print is guiding you to authentically embrace your Whole Self - integrated with essential Shadow qualities that bring depth and treasure.

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