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An Intuitive Energizing Change-Maker

Intuitive Energizing Change-Maker

Maria Mellano is a seasoned Psychotherapist, Coach, Psychodramatist, and Entrepreneur devoted to heart-led living, bringing originality and creativity to life through her life’s work.

An intuitive, energizing change-maker, Maria is an out-of-the-box thinker known for creative ideas and dynamic solutions. Her natural enthusiasm for life and growth is contagious. She’s approachable with a transparent style attracting people from all walks of life. Maria’s warmth and innate ability to understand the ideas and feelings of others give rise to deep connections and powerful breakthroughs. A true visionary, her vibrant spark lights the way for change, possibilities, and transformation in her own life, her client’s lives, her loved ones, and all who cross her path. She is a beacon of light on a divine mission to help people discover, cultivate, and uncover the light from within that is seeking to emerge.


A Spiritual Warrior on a Mission

Maria’s story is that of a spiritual warrior who has overcome some of life’s most tragic and traumatic challenges beginning in early childhood and leading into early adult life. As a young adult, she poured her heart and soul into her work helping trauma victims and survivors like herself as a means of coping with her own trauma.

Her own trauma wounds coupled with the emotional stress of working with trauma victims in the stressful and demanding healthcare system began manifesting into a deadly physical illness and nearly took her life at the age of 38.

Shadow Clarity―Offering Light to Shadow

Through unshakable strength and perseverance, she survived the deadly illness and began to heal her physical body. In a dark moment of clarity, she became committed to creating space for healing the destructive relationship with herself that she hadn’t even realized was operating in the background and manifesting in her body. It was in that “dark night of the soul” moment that she realized the divine importance of embracing our shadow side, learning to acknowledge the pain, in order to feel the pain on a deep level and thus heal from it.

Wellworth―Sunshine For The Soul

This powerful mindset shift was a complete game-changer in Maria’s life and in her work. She now understood, on a personal level, that the natural pains of life, no matter how traumatic and devastating, are our soul’s nutrients for sustainable growth and evolution of our Spirit.

From that moment on, she knew she was on a meaningful spiritual mission to help others also discover their divine purpose and live in their light by understanding their shadow side. Her near-death experience changed the course of her life, her career, her wellbeing and became the catalyst for a great awakening and groundbreaking work. She returned to the healthcare system only to be a reminder her path needed to go in a new direction and instead started a private practice, Wellworth―Sunshine for The Soul,  where she continues to help countless people discover how to live a meaningful, creative, heart-led life.

The Bloom Way

Starting a private practice gave Maria the liberty to incorporate all her life experiences and healing modalities allowing her flexibility and more creativity which energizes her. She found freedom in entrepreneurship and went on to create “Bloom a Life You Love” a program she is able to reach and help more people than ever possible in her private practice. Bloom a Life You Love is built on decades of personal work and 20 years of professional practice helping clients awaken and learn to harness their spiritual power through what she has come to call “The Bloom Way”. The Bloom Way is based on spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and experiential practices. It supports living a creative heart-led life, aligned with awareness, true wholeness integrating shadow, being in flow, and guided by one’s personal unique brilliance.image.gif

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