This week we explored the theme of Aliveness as an essential part of blooming in our Bloom Conversation and Meditation sessions. Bloom Conversation and Meditation is a community offering that meets remotely using Zoom. Each week we explore a new theme through discussion, sharing, meditation, and practices to improve daily life. If you'd like to join Bloom Pause, sign up here.

In Bloom, we assert that to practice cultivating worthiness is the key to experiencing evolving from a state of survival to thriving - embracing with integrity the vitality of aliveness. We invite you into this Bloom Way of being, to bloom a life you authentically love. "Practicing courage, compassion, and connection in our daily lives is how we cultivate worthiness. The keyword is practice." ~Brene' Brown~

Madonna shared the following poem she wrote. We hope this inspires you to connect with your felt sense of aliveness.


By Madonna Murphy

I want to lose my breath at the power of the mountains,

The stillness of the vast desert plains,

The depth of the mighty canyons

And feel the Spirit of the red rocks

I want to smell the fresh salty air of the ocean

Feel the twinkle of the sun glistening on the water

The wind blowing through my hair

Hearing the waves crashing to the shore

And feeling my feet crunching through the sand

I want to be amongst the majesty of the trees

Breathing in the sunlight filtering through the leaves

Feeling like I have finally come home

And allowing myself just to roam

I want to feel the rain pouring all over my body

Drenching me till I feel cleansed

Not a care in the world of how I might look

Or what they might think on Facebook

I want to feel the earth dirtying the souls of my feet

Like I did when I was young…

roaming the earth with my dog…

in the hot Aussie sun

I want to feel delicious muck between my hands, fingers, and nails

The satisfaction of creating something…

without a care if I fail

I want to run through a field of wild flowers

Screaming with pure joy, hands waving about in the air

Doing cartwheels because I can’t contain my excitement

Then crashing to the ground panting with exhilaration

I want to laugh so much that my belly hurts

I want to love so much that my heart wants to burst

I want to be amazed at the beauty of this life

And fly so high, just like a kite

I want to feel there is all the time in the world

To know that all I have to do is be Me

And that everything is already taken care of

Just wait and I will see

I want to feel a smile on my face

Connection to Spirit in my soul

Tears in my eyes

And contentment in my breath

And know that I am truly… Alive


Questions for reflection:

1. How has practicing courage, compassion, and connection allowed for experiencing aliveness in your life?

2. How has this enhanced your sense of worthiness or phenomenal enoughness?

3. How has your sense of worth and aliveness been diminished, deadened, or cut off by experiencing the opposite of courage, compassion, and connection?

4. What helps you restore from things feeling the hardest?

5. To feel alive, I need...

In Bloom, we grow,



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