Cultivating The Mindset And Practice Of Finding Joy

authentic joy mindset Mar 29, 2021

Let's bring curiosity to this.

This week we explored the theme of Cultivating the Mindset and Practice of Finding Joy in our daily sessions. Bloom Pause is a community offering that meets remotely using Zoom. Each week we explore a new theme through discussion, sharing, meditation, and practices to improve daily life. If you'd like to join Bloom Pause, sign up here.

The mindset ( or safety strategy or defense mechanism) of foreboding joy is a powerful joy or vibe tanker. Something really spontaneous and beautiful happens that makes you feel great and then the next thing you know your mind has moved to try to control it, secure it, or has found the worst-case scenario of the situation or another negative possible outcome has caught your attention. This is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or, this is worrying that something terrible will happen - most often when things are actually really going great! The truth is, it's vulnerable to allow ourselves to feel good, let alone allow ourselves to feel authentic joy.

To feel the goodness and sweetness of joy requires letting go of the natural survival strategy of looking out for danger to make sure we remain safe or try and prevent something unsafe from happening. But, what unfortunately can happen when we orient this way, is that we end up orienting through fear, finding danger, and living in that state of mind that I call the scarcity matrix. This takes us out of the present moment where the magic is possible. And, it means learning the difference between discomfort and danger. One thing we can do to cultivate rewiring this tendency is to focus on having an appreciation for things that are going, running, being, working, as they are … the all is a wellness of so many things are literally infinite. For instance, this morning I woke up and my room was warm because my heat is working. If my heat wasn't working, I'd have woken up cold and been forced to focus on addressing this (in Vermont this morning it's 12 degrees.) Then, I have coffee. Period. Always a mood booster for me - I love the smell, the taste, and the ritual of having it each morning. And my coffee maker is working thanks to the electricity that's working … I am grateful for this too. I'm aware of the beautiful music that the wind chimes are making outside simply because they are doing what they do … make beautiful music when the wind blows. There are literally countless opportunities in each moment to bring our awareness consciously to these opportunities for joy.


Watch for this tendency in yourself today - the tendency to worry about the worst thing that could come or focus on or react to the brokenness or wrongness of things... or worry about brokenness in general. This will absolutely tank your mindset. So, instead, consciously bring your awareness to appreciating the simplest things... "Thank you heat for being on this morning." To make this even more powerful, you can add a powerful collective intention to this practice such as, "may all beings be blessed with waking up in a warm and safe home. And, may this begin with me. Thank you."

INTENTION / ATTENTION … What you focus on expands...
What's your intention for this week?
How will you bring your attention to this intention?


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