Embrace My Story

This week we explored the theme of Honoring and Embracing our Stories in our daily sessions. Bloom Pause is a community offering that meets remotely using Zoom. Each week we explore a new theme through discussion, sharing, meditation, and practices to improve daily life. If you'd like to join Bloom Pause, sign up here.

In our discussions of the theme of story, we, in particular, explored the value of the shadow side of our story and ultimately the value of awakening from our story. In fact, in truth, if we did not have a story, we would not have anything to awaken from. Therefore, appreciating our story for this purpose is critical.

Consider what story you have been telling yourself about who you have been and what aspects of this story have blocked brilliance and you from blooming and moving forward in your life.

Some highlights from what participants in this weeks' sessions shared:

  • We need to own and accept our story - the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful... 
  • Negatives can be turned into positives. Turn poison into medicine... 
  • The way and how others receive you in your story can uplift you and support your growth... or not... 
  • The understanding of your story evolves as you evolve. Eventually, your story can be told differently... as your consciousness grows...
  • Kairos: is an Ancient Greek word meaning a decisive moment, a critical, opportune time for action. What Kairos moments have you had throughout your life?
  • Everything happens for a reason. Ask yourself, what may I learn from this; where will this learning allow me to travel in my journey?
  • Your story can drive your behavior in a certain direction only for so long until a change in circumstances forces you to slow down, re-examine and reflect on who you are being... how you're showing up. We can choose to reflect this way anytime ... we don't have to be forced into this reflection with a crisis of illness or otherwise... 
  • We may stay in the shadows out of fear, comfort, and service to a purpose for whatever reason. There's value in honoring that purpose, and, in letting go and up-leveling when it's time. 
  • Have compassion for yourself if you feel stuck in your story for whatever reason... you may feel stuck due to shame and fear. Compassion, connection, and courage are what's called for...
  • Instead of judging oneself, use curiosity to explore ... Ask yourself, "Why might I be doing or not doing something in my life?"
  • See sensitivity as the gift it is and not as something wrong or to be ashamed of... our culture values thick skin... what if your sensitivity were embraced?
  • Anything is possible. Our story can change and result in doing things that we didn’t think were possible? Believe in this ... 
  • The way we perceive ourselves on the inside doesn’t always match the image we present on the outside. People tend to adjust our behavior to fit in with others... fitting in is not the same as belonging ... how might you be fitting in versus belonging and what is this costing you? How is behavior connected to shame and fear?
  • Strive to have pride in who we are and where we've come from. This is truly your journey.
  • Share our stories, as they may inspire others. But don't stay stuck or locked into your story as what defines you. 
  • Having our stories heard and validated by others is essential for our growth and evolution... we must hold, honor and embrace our stories the way we wish for from others. 

We invite you to consider…

1. What Kairos moments have you had throughout your life?

2. What parts of your story have been hard for you to accept?

3. What are your reasons for this?

4. How has this influenced how you've been showing up?

5. How could awakening through your story positively support your blooming into wholeness?

In bloom, we grow,



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