Hope & Optimism

This week we explored the theme of Hope & Optimism in our Bloom Conversation and Meditation sessions. Bloom Conversation and Meditation is a community offering that meets remotely using Zoom. Each week we explore a new theme through discussion, sharing, meditation, and practices to improve daily life. If you'd like to join Bloom Pause, sign up here.

One of our dear Bloomers, Eric Carpine shared his inspiring manifesto for practicing optimism in his life. He calls it his Optimist's Manifesto. With his permission, we shared it to inspire our Bloom Conversation and Meditation sessions:


We'd like to offer discernment between hope and optimism drawing from the research of Brene' Brown. Here are words from Brene Brown's book, The Gifts of Imperfection:

"I always thought of hope as an emotion - like a warm feeling of optimism ... I was wrong... hope is not an emotion; it's a way of thinking or a cognitive process. Emotions play a supporting role, but it is really a thought process made up of ... goals, pathways, and agency."

In very simple terms, hope happens when:

  • we have the ability to set realistic goals,
  • we are able to stay flexible and develop alternative routes,
  • we believe in ourselves.
And, if we want to cultivate hopefulness, we have to be willing to be flexible and demonstrate perseverance."

Thoughts and inspiration from today's discussion around hope and optimism:

  • The act of creating whatever one wants to create, cultivates hope, optimism, freedom, and liberation
  • Notice what gets in the way...
  • Not giving ourselves permission to really want something
  • Not letting go of things that aren't serving you
  • Resigning to holding onto things we don't really want i.e. objects, people, situations, roles, jobs
  • We shouldn't fear letting go of things that belonged to people in the Spirit world, as they won't be hurt by it, for they are not attached to what they left behind.
  • Responding to the fear of loss through having trust and faith by opening up to the path of possibility
  • Sweep out our house of memories in order to make room for new memories that we create, is very important for living a hopeful life
  • No-one can take away our memories - only we can do that
  • Memories of happiness keep us alive
  • Be a memory creator for your children, family, and life in general!
  • Let go of what does not bring you happiness
  • Be a 'Crow': scream when you see your friends, hop down the street just for the 'crow of it!
  • Rather than dwell, trust in the process and have faith
  • A quote from the book 'White Oleander' reminds us that 'If you want to remember, you'll remember' when being concerned about letting go or holding onto things.
  • Have clear goals for the day, week, year and not being attached to the outcome.
  • Be flexible and willing to adapt goals where necessary
  • We may be optimistic about changes that we are making, both internally and externally, however others in our field may not respond the way you would like them to.
  • It is important to have support from family, friends, peers, which helps cultivate hope and optimism as well. We cannot do this in isolation.

Questions for reflection:

  • Where do you want to go in your life's journey?
  • How and what will it take to get there? Do you have persistence and perseverance to stick out the inevitable disappointments along the way - to try, try again?
  • Do you have the sense, "I can do this!" Or, "I got this!" If not, how do you feel about asking for and receiving support?
  • How could creating your own Optimist's Manifesto serve as a beacon of light helping to guide you in clarity and vision personally and professionally?

We hope you enjoy reading Eric's spiritual promises that he's made to himself along his spiritual journey and he uses when he needs clarity and vision. We hope you find this as inspiring as we have.

Enjoy reflecting on Hope and Optimism.



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