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Compassion--letting go of perfectionism

This week we explored the theme of Compassion in our daily sessions. Bloom Pause is a community offering that meets remotely using Zoom. Each week we explore a new theme through discussion, sharing, meditation, and practices to improve daily life. If you'd like to join Bloom Pause, sign up here.

In Brene' Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection, she offers 10 guideposts for cultivating wholehearted living. Each of these guideposts suggests letting go of something towards cultivating a gift... guidepost number 2 Cultivating Self-Compassion... Letting go of perfectionism...

"Where perfectionism exists, shame is always lurking. In fact, shame is the birthplace of perfectionism."

Perfectionism is a shield... thinking it will protect us ... however, it's really preventing us from taking flight and experiencing true connection.

Perfectionism is a mask ... thinking it will win us approval and acceptance...

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