Core Enoughness

This week we explored the theme of Core Enoughness in our daily sessions. Releasing living through fear, guilt, and shame which perpetuates feelings of inadequacy.

Bloom Prompt:
What is your personal scarcity mantra?
What would letting it go allow for?
What could your bloom mantra be instead?

I didn't get enough sleep.
I'll never make it through the day.
I never have enough time.
I'm late. I am a horrible person.
I will get in trouble.
Everyone is mad at me.

I'm falling behind and will never catch up.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
I'm in pain. Life sucks.
It will never change. What the point in living.
I'm alone and lonely and can't see it ever being different.
I'm fat.
Unless I lose weight and am thin, I will never be happy.
I'm not safe unless I'm thin.
I'm not safe unless I'm fat.
I'm not safe unless my loved ones are safe.
I'm broken.
I'm stupid.
I'm broke.
I need more ... money, stuff, food.
Having money is overwhelming.
I'm not safe having money. I can't be trusted.
I don't...

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