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  3-month intensive experience

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Individual Coaching Program

Achieve a breakthrough in your life.

The Bloom into Light Individual Coaching Program is a virtual 3-MONTH immersion, life-changing, heart-centered, guided journey designed for discovery and integration of your soul aligned potential, realizing breakthroughs towards your desired outcomes and for those ready to manifest a meaningful life of fulfillment and impact.

 Tap into the secret force of the Universe by centering in Self and activating your inner guidance.

Life flows when we are living in alignment and wholeness with our soul's purpose. If you have big dreams but are confused about what steps to take to make a positive change or you feel stuck in your life and aren't sure what you truly want and you know there's got to be another way. You're absolutely right that there is another way. With all the chaos and confusion in the world today, it's easy to get trapped in survival mode or what we call in Bloom, the Scarcity Matrix. Our ability to transcend and transform our circumstances is where our true power lies. Learn how to tap into the secret force of the Universe by centering in Self and activating your inner guidance and harness the power of intention. Transcend your circumstances and discover the true essence of "higher ground".

It All Starts With A Vision.

Everything created in this world starts with an idea, followed by a focused action plan supported by the power of intention. Just as a contractor needs a blueprint before building a house, we need a vision and a solid foundation to create the masterpiece that is our life. You'll walk away from this 3-month immersion program with a clear blueprint (aka Bloomprint) and action plan and accomplishments under your belt, catapulting you to your next chapter and dreams. We'll provide you with simple tools so the plan you design during this powerful 3-month period is easy, fun, and sustainable because your Bloomprint is customized to compliment your personal style, life circumstances, and tendencies.

 Harness Your True Power.

Learn how to connect deeply to Spirit and your power within to create flow and grow. Expand your growth and tap into the limitless power of the collective (AKA soul-aligned individuals on a similar path) because together we are unstoppable. With supportive accountability and one-on-one weekly coaching sessions, you'll be inspired and amazed by the progress you're able to manifest in just three short months creating a ripple effect of change in your life forever. 

Align With Your Higher Self and Become Empowered to Embrace Your Shadow

We develop self-protective strategies, AKA coping mechanisms, to avoid facing our pain and as a result, we are held back, and we get stuck reacting to life's challenges rather than growing through them. Time will continue to pass but you'll be in the same exact spot you are today, next month, year, or ten years from now if you don't make a bold move today. You have been guided to this message for a reason, there are no coincidences. So don't waste another minute delaying what the Universe has in store for you. The world needs what you have to offer and that means growing through your challenges, choosing to embrace your shadow, and living consciously while discovering your Divine potential. 

Sunshine for the Soul

The BLOOM INTO LIGHT One-on-one Coaching Program is SUNSHINE FOR THE SOUL. Honor yourself with this gift of gratitude that you absolutely deserve. It's your time to shine!

Discover how to make choices that enhance your spirit and nourish your soul rather than drain your power. You have the ultimate power to BLOOM a life you absolutely LOVE!

What's included in the BLOOM INTO LIGHT Individual Coaching Program


2-hour Visioning Strategy Session


A one-on-one visioning strategy session with Bloom co-founder and Branding and Marketing Strategist, DeeDee Hunt

Weekly One-on-one Coaching and Accountability Sessions 


10 weekly one-on-one coaching and accountability sessions with Bloom founder and Therapeutic Life Coach, Maria Mellano

Celebration Ritual 


We get a lot done in three months and at the end of these three months, it's important to celebrate. Maria and DeeDee will guide you through a beautiful Celebration Ritual and Strategy session to customize a plan for moving forward.


Monthly Clarity + Accountability Ritual


Monthly Group Coaching and Accountability Guided Ritual with Maria and DeeDee (meets first Monday of each month at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST via Zoom). If you can't make it live we share post-session replays. 

 Weekly Pause at the Well Intention Setting


Connect with soul-guided women in a supportive community on this amazing life journey alongside you with complimentary membership to Pause at the Well Meditation and Intention Setting Group every Monday at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST via Zoom.

Complimentary Visit to the Bloom Virtual Soul Card Reading Lounge


Complimentary Soul Card Reading with the gifted, Angela Volk. Allow the magic of the universe to guide you as you build your vision through Angela's uplifting reading. 

Learn how to live the Bloom Way. Align with your soul’s purpose, harness your true power, cultivate flow, and create a life you absolutely love.

Your journey starts here.

We have compiled an array of tools to support your journey of blooming the life of your dreams and making an amazing impact in this world. We pack a lot in. You pick and choose what tools you want to take advantage of. You get out of it what you put in.

Weekly ONE-ON-ONE sessions are scheduled at your convenience. ALL SESSIONS ARE VIRTUAL.

We can't wait to see you reach your soul's potential and soar higher than you've ever imagined possible because you are truly unlimited!

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