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Harness the power of setting an intention for your week on Monday

Intentions are like seeds, and when you see them grow into seedlings you will never want to forget to take the time to pause to water your intention prior to a new year, season, or week. We are holding space for you to pause this year one week at a time. When like-minded people come together the collective flourishes. We invite you to flourish with us. Join us at the (Zoom) Well next Monday!


"I love the idea of setting an intention for the week on Monday. It's seriously like magic. This past Monday I had to force myself to show up to Bloom because I had tossed and turned the night before upset about recent family circumstances. But I'm so glad I did because when I sat there and thought about what my intentions were for the week I was able to get some clarity around what I really needed in that moment. I chose "nurture". All week I was easy on myself as far as deadlines and work. I decided to focus on my emotional needs first rather than trying to plow through my "To-do List". Instead, I drank a lot of tea, lit candles, wrote in my journal, meditated a lot... And miraculously, I was more focused when I worked. I ended up ending the week totally strong. With all my work done I was able to take this weekend off and enjoy a break-unplugged. Seems so contradicting. I'm seriously hooked to Bloom!"

PAUSE at the WELL to BLOOM a great week, Mondays 12 pm EST

Pause to springboard your week into Bloom. In Bloom Pause, we focus on sharing breakthroughs clarifying intentions for your upcoming week that we align through meditation and visualization. The session is supported and the path is nurtured by wonderful soul card readings by Angela Volk.

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