The Bloom Way Vision Workshop is a full-day immersion experience that has the potential to change your life. As a heart-centered, values-guided journey of self-discovery it truly has the power to bloom fulfillment in your life to a whole new level. It’s for those seeking to curate a breakthrough in a desired area of your life, discern overall clarity in a particular direction and to manifest a fulfilling life of inspiring impact, essential ingredients for deeply loving your life. 


The Bloom Way Vision Workshop 

Saturday, January 8, 2022 

9 AM-5 PM PST | 12-8 PM EST


$197 Investment


It's your soul's time to shine.

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aligning the energies and intentions for this workshop.

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Group  Work




Clarify and empower your intention to live aligned with your calling:

Life flows when we are living in alignment with our soul's purpose and highest and future Self. If you have big dreams but are confused about what steps to take to make a positive change or you feel stuck in your life and aren't sure what you truly want and you know there's got to be another way. Well, you are absolutely right. There is another way. With all the fear, chaos and confusion in the world today, it's easy to get trapped in survival mode, or what we in the Bloom Community call the Scarcity Matrix, which you'll learn more about in this workshop. Our ability to transcend and transmute our challenges thus transforming our circumstances into true growth is where our essential power to transform lies. Tap into the secret force of the Universe by accessing what is already and always there - your inner compass and the field of infinite possibility and miracles. Rise above the limiting aspects of your circumstances and discover the true essence and meaning of living from a "higher ground".

It All Starts With an Idea:

Everything created in this world starts with an idea followed by inspired and focused action. And, the universe loves clarity. Just as a contractor needs a blueprint before building a house, we need a map or a guide, what we in Bloom call a Bloomprint. This is your guide for a solid foundation to curate the masterpiece that is your life. You'll walk away from this full-day immersion with your vision you'll be excited to implement to realize your desired outcomes toward fulfilling your Bloomprint. We'll provide you with simple tools and bonus offerings for support after, so your design during this powerful vision workshop is achievable, fun, and sustainable. Your vision is unique to you, your personal style, needs and desires and we're here to support you in realizing it.

Access and Harness True Power:

Learn how to connect deeply within yourself and the power within to create, flow and grow. Release old habits and ways of being that have become limitations. Expand your growth and tap into the limitless power of the collective (AKA soul-aligned others on a deeply guided growth path) because together we are even more powerfully unstoppable. With a one-on-one post-workshop group and individual session available to you as Bonuses, you'll be inspired and amazed by the progress you're able to manifest from this powerful experience that will create a ripple effect of change through your entire life. It has the potential for lasting effect and what you put into that is what you get out of it.

Empower Your Growth - Embrace Your Shadow:

We avoid or numb pain by conditioned and habitual ways of coping that we may believe are necessary and helpful. After all pain is painful, and finding ways to manage pain is typically desired.  However, as a result we can self-sabotage and hold ourselves back by avoiding feeling and healing through our emotions by numbing pain that needs to be felt. And, we can get stuck in unhelpful patterns reacting to life's challenges rather than using challenges effectively for growth and healing responding from Self. Time will continue to pass and you'll be in the same space you are today, next month, year, or 10 years from now if you don't make a necessary and bold move today, or when you need to. You have been guided to this message for a reason and in Bloom, we don’t believe in coincidences. So, embrace that there’s a reason you’re here and don't waste another minute delaying what the Universe has in store for you. The world needs what you have to offer and that means growing through your obstacles and challenges so you can share your gifts with the world.

This takes embracing your shadow and healing the deepest aspects of yourself allowing purposeful progress.  This will empower and align your life and support you clarifying your divine potential and vision based on this. What could be more important? 

Sunshine for the Soul

The Bloom Way Vision Workshop is like SUNSHINE FOR THE SOUL. Honor yourself with this gift of gratitude that you absolutely deserve. It's your time to shine!

Gain clarity and discern choices that will enhance your growth rather than drain your power. Ultimately, the power to BLOOM A LIFE YOU LOVE lies within you!

What participants are saying about the workshop:

"Loved loved loved the bloom workshop!! It was led by very talented, wise women and the participants were all cool interesting womenfolk!! It was rich soil to grow and bloom in."

Workshop Participant, 9.18.21

"The Bloom workshop was fun and informative. I was able to join a group of like minded individuals to create a vision board that I look at daily. It gives me inspiration!"

Workshop Participant, 9.18.21

What's included in the Bloom Way Vision Workshop:


The Vision Workshop


In a full-day immersion of self-discovery, learning and growth, you'll be guided through the signature Bloom Way Vision workbook and learn about the path for living The Bloom Way.

Meditate - Set Intentions - Gain Clarity - Evolve

Together, we'll meditate to clarify focus and vision, set intentions that will be infused into your vision, and gain clarity through the process to evolve. Out of this, you'll create your personal vision board that you can look at everyday for inspiration for curating your future for the life you'll absolutely love. We'll start with an energy clearing and gratitude meditation, then set an intention for the day. Before we dive in, you'll be provided with our Visioning Clarity Workbook that we'll guide you through using a series of brainstorming prompts and help you work through any challenges or blocks that may come up as you begin to solidify and gain clarity for your vision via group process, coaching and reflection.

Create your Vision Board

Once we've completed the visioning prompts and brainstorming session you'll create your vision board that reflects your values and what you clarified and outlined in your personal Visioning Workbook Choose to create a digital vision board via our Canva Vision Board Template or create your vision board masterpiece the hands-on way with magazines and glue on a poster board. We'll supply a list of supplies and the Canva template so you can choose one or do both. No creative experience is necessary. This project is fun, inspiring and low stress . You'll be amazed at what you can create and how powerful it is in your life!

Visit the Private Virtual Tarot Lounge

While everyone is working on their vision boards you'll have the opportunity to visit our Private Virtual Tarot Lounge with the gifted intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Angela Volk. Allow the mystical and miraculous nature of the universe to guide you as you enhance your vision through the uplifting reading that emerges with Angela's intuitive gift.


Experience Belonging in Nourishing Community & Staying Connected to Your Vision


Once you've created your vision and designed a vision board to align your desires and intentions, it's important to set clear goals for a plan to actualize your vision. You'll start to notice a shift taking place in your life right away, And, in Bloom we're all about sustainable change. Sometimes when shifts happen, even when they are positive changes, our old paradigm wants to remain in the comfort of the known of the status quo. For lasting change to become your reality, it's essential to maintain clear focus, and build in encouraging support, structure and accountability to help you stay the course. To nurture successful outcomes in realizing your vision, we offer many rich BONUS OPPORTUNITIES TO NURTURE YOUR SUCCESS:

Bloom Your Vision BONUS GROUP Session

After connecting with soul-guided individuals on this amazing growth journey alongside you during the workshop, 2 weeks following the Vision Board session, attend an 60 minute session to stay connected to your vision as well as to this inspiring Community. We'll use this time to get current since the workshop and to make sure you have clear goals with a plan to actualize your vision for going forward.  Progressing is where the real work takes place, where you learn to harness your true power, persevere, and grow by letting go of self sabotaging patterns preventing true, aligned happiness. This group can be a stand alone great support. And, if you choose, it can be your portal into the year-long Bloom into Light group experience taking your vision into action and bringing your life to a whole new level.


Bloom Your Vision BONUS INDIVIDUAL Sessions

It's essential to build in personal support to nurture you in your journey towards success. We'll provide you with many tools to do so and we've built in one-on-one follow-up sessions to provide even more support for your success. These sessions are designed to help you stay aligned with, deepen your connection to and continue to propel your vision towards success. It's also to add individualized support on eliminating any personal blocks or barriers that may be showing up sabotaging your progress as well as deepen your intuitive connection to your vision.

Your Bonus sessions are with:

  • Bloom a Life You Love Founder Maria Mellano, a Spiritual Warrior and Change-Maker with decades of experience both personally and professionally in the transformational space. This session can be a stand alone great support. And, it can be a portal into a deeper experience working with Maria by continuing in the Bloom into Light individual therapeutic coaching experience.
  • Angela Volk of Grounded Dreamers, whom you'll also be meeting in the Bloom Private Virtual Tarot Lounge during the workshop. This session is a 30 minute intuitive reading opportunity to take your vision to a deeper soul level. The focus can be on anything else you wish to explore - personal or professional.
  • DeeDee Hunt of Hunt and Gather and You can use this session to explore taking a business idea to the next level of formulating next steps such as tilling the soil for a new business idea or consider taking it the branding level of designing a logo and blooming into your brand.

Overall, these sessions will be focused on deepening your intuitive connection to your vision or maybe going deeper into a certain aspect of your vision where you might need deeper inspiration, clarity or guidance.  

It's essential to build in personal support to nurture you in your journey towards success. We'll provide you with many tools to do so and we've built in these one-on-one follow-ups to provide even more support for your success. These sessions are designed to help you stay aligned with, deepen your connection to and continue to propel your vision towards success. It's also to add individualized support on eliminating any personal blocks or barriers that may be showing up sabotaging your progress. We sincerely hope you take advantage of these rich sessions.



  Harness the Power of Intention | Cultivate the Basics of Being in Bloom  

BONUS Weekly Group

As a member of the Bloom community by completing this Vision Workshop you're invited to attend the weekly offering: Pause at the Well to Bloom a Great Week. Harness the Power of Intention and Cultivate the Basics of Being in Bloom:  Pausing at the Well to Bloom a Great Week (also called Bloom Pause) is my favorite way to launch an intentional and successful week! In Bloom Pause, we focus on celebrating breakthroughs and victories in our lives, as well as sharing challenges that you're invited to offer up to be held collectively for the highest and optimal outcome. We hold the greater awareness of The Basics of Being in Bloom: a focus on the breath, the body, balance and brave boundaries - both within oneself and with others in our lives. We align our intentions through meditation and visualization. And, the overall session is enhanced and nurtured by uplifting, attuned and insightful soul card readings by the gifted intuitive Angela Volk. Bloom Pause as a powerful practice for being a creator and curator of your life. It meets on Mondays at Noon EST. Once you sign up, be sure to look for an email on Mondays an hour before Bloom Pause begins for the Zoom link.


It's your soul's time to shine.

Overall, the "magic" of transformation happens when we roll up our sleeves, connect lovingly with ourselves and in community and truly break out of old ways of being into realizing the dreams we deeply desire. And, intentions are like seeds. When you experience them sprouting ...  manifesting, wow is it ever an encouraging and life changing game-changer!  Bloom is holding space for you to be... one precious moment, one step, one week at a time, encouraged, inspired and supported to bloom a life you absolutely love. Coming together strengthens our intentions and our capacity to flourish. We invite you to flourish with us.

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Saturday, January 8, 2022
9 AM-5 PM PST | 12-8 PM EST

$197 Investment


Design the vision of your life as specifically as possible. Release the “how” of its unfoldment with gratitude as if it’s already occurred. Align with its realization taking it moment to moment. Take wise, consistent, intentional action. Practice patience and perseverance to ultimately BLOOM A LIFE YOU TRULY LOVE.