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Angela Marie and Maria Mellano invite you to join us for our Spring Bloom Your Vision, 1.0 course. Please enjoy this special video intuitively aligning our intentions for the course. 

Maria Mellano & Angela Marie

Spring into a life that makes your heart sing!

Bloom Your Vision, 1.0 is a week-long immersion that has the potential to change your life. As a gratitude-centered, values guided journey of self-discovery this course truly has the power to bloom fulfillment in your life to a whole new level. It’s for those seeking to bring clarity and focus to that “too good to be true” dream, a breakthrough in a desired area of your life, and a heart-centered approach to blooming a prosperous life of impact. 

  • Saturday, April 9th, 2022, from 9am to 12:30pm pacific | noon to 3:30pm eastern (Virtual, using Zoom)
  • Saturday, April 16th, 2022, from 9am to 12:30pm pacific | noon to 3:30pm eastern (Virtual, using Zoom)

It includes:

  • An individual 30-minute session with Maria Mellano to discern your kingpin burden and understanding its impact on your life with facilitation of its release. Then, we'll install a fresh identity statement/belief to orient your development towards prosperity.
  • An individual 30-minute session with Angela Marie of Grounded Dreamers for a soul guidance reading using various card decks as a tool that helps develop trust in your intuition (your inner knowing), affirm hunches you may already feel about certain aspects of your life and concretize your path's direction.
  • Lifetime access to the Bloom Your Vision companion journal and gratitude, clearing and visioning meditations created to specifically align with the journal and your growth. You can use the gratitude meditation daily. You can use the clearing meditation to support whatever you’re releasing and as a clearing practice regularly. And you can use the visioning meditation to support clarifying the life that would truly allow your soul to shine.


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Praise for the course:

"The Bloom workshop was fun and informative. I was able to join a group of like-minded individuals to create a vision board that I look at daily. It gives me inspiration!" Course Participant, 9.18.21

"I am so grateful I attended the Vision workshop in September. the workshop flowed at a smooth and great pace that fully allowed for accessing my authentic vision. My vision emerged not from a place of the mind, or a goal oriented place, but from the heart which in effect, made it more real for the possibility of my visions' manifestation.  The vision boards I made during the workshop came out beautifully and with much ease, since they were authentic and a reflection of what newly rose from within me. Thank you Maria your leadership always with a pure heart, and care for every participant! Always a delight to be at your events." ~ Venus, Creativity Coach / Artist, Course Participant, 9.18.21.

"Loved loved loved the bloom workshop!! It was led by very talented, wise women and the participants were all cool interesting womenfolk!! It was rich soil to grow and bloom in." ~  Course Participant, 9.18.21

"The Bloom Vision course was a magical, soul-deepening experience. With Maria's expert guidance, we navigated the day with a lovely flow as we set our intentions toward emerging as our fullest, most inspired selves. The course can truly change lives. Can't wait for the next one." Course Participant, 9.18.21

enroll in bloom your vision, 1.0