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Bloom is a life-changing, heart-centered coaching program helping people discover their soul purpose and how to harness their power, find flow, and live a life they absolutely love.

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Hello, I'm Maria Mellano, creator of Bloom

I'm a seasoned Psychotherapist, Coach & Psychodramatist devoted to heart-led living bringing originality to life. I created Bloom a Life You Love built on decades of personal work and 20 years of professional practice helping clients evolve through what I have come to call The Bloom Way. The Bloom Way is based on spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and experiential practices. It supports living a creative heart-led life, aligned with awareness, true wholeness integrating shadow, being in flow and guided by your unique brilliance.

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PAUSE at the WELL to BLOOM a great week, Mondays 12 pm EST

Pause to springboard your week into Bloom. In Bloom Pause, we focus on sharing breakthroughs clarifying intentions for your upcoming week that we align through meditation and visualization. The session is supported and the path is nurtured by wonderful soul card readings by Angela Volk.

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The Vision Workshop

Saturday, January 1, 2022
9 AM-5 PM PST | 12-8 PM EST

Discover Your Divine Potential

The Bloom Way Vision Workshop is a virtual full-day immersion life-changing, heart-centered guided journey of self-discovery for women ready to manifest a meaningful life that is low in stress yet high in fulfillment and impact.

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The Breakthrough Program

Implement the plan you designed in the Bloom Breakthrough with our Bloom Journey. A year-long transformational experience meets once a week via Zoom. With weekly coaching sessions and quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions, there is no limit to what you can accomplish in a year. The Bloom Journey's mission is to help you, water the seeds of intention planted in the Bloom Way Vision Workshop to cultivate life-changing growth, and transformation. 

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Continue the Bloom Journey or start your journey with one-on-one therapy or coaching depending on your needs. Especially for those who are working through extreme life challenges or healing from trauma and require intensive, deep work through therapy or high achieving goals and projects that require specialized coaching.

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Get rooted in your power through the magic of community and a daily practice that can change your life.

We believe that we have the power within ourselves to create FLOW + GROW beyond our wildest dreams. And collectively, we are unstoppable. We are a supportive community on a mission to CULTIVATE the life we were divinely meant to live.

The most powerful words known  are "I AM". Join the Bloom Community and embrace an intention to manifest a life you truly love.

Use our GIFT OF GRATITUDE: A beautifully inspiring mantra/prayer to support grounding yourself as the true essence you already are and strengthen your faith in yourself and your connection to the Divine.

When you join the Bloom Community we'll send you this gift of gratitude right away. Click the button below to join the community and download our free PDF mantra and start manifesting your best life today! We can't wait to connect with you! 

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