The Bloom Way

a path for conscious and creative living

The Bloom Way Philosophy 

As all of our lives begin as a seed within the womb, a seed is planted in the dark of the earth. It’s nourished with water, light, fertilizer and time. The seed grows from within the shadowy soil orienting up and out towards the light. While not all seeds that have been planted sprout, the ones that do are pressed down just the same. The seeds planted throughout our lives’ journeys are similarly planted in the darkness of our souls. How we nourish these seeds of growth is our responsibility and a choice that takes courage, commitment and confidence. I believe that to have the life we dream of, we must cultivate trust ourselves and the universe, leaning into our intuition to guide us along our paths. This is something I believe we are all working towards mastering, in one way or another.

Taking responsibility for bravely and consistently nourishing seeds of growth, no matter how scary the dark may seem, is what living The Bloom Way is all about.

In my own journey, despite my fears and doubts, throughout I have done my best to honor choosing the real and healing way, what I now call The Bloom Way. Though there have been many times where I had no idea what was going to happen, how things could work out or whether or not things were going to be alright, honoring my commitment to staying the course aligned with healing, growth and living a breakthrough life, I’m living proof that recovery is real and transformational growth is possible for anyone and everyone.

It can be a dark, messy and scary place in the unknown and uncertain realm of the underground. Yet, this human experience we're all experiencing as skin encapsulated egos and souls in human form journeying through time and space is an extraordinary one of being both broken and perfect and painful and purposeful.

I believe we’re all simply trying to find our way back home to ourselves through and to Love and to understand and honor our soul’s divine study for being here.

The Bloom Way Path, which you can read about more below, is not a linear path, but more of a developmental growth spiral that evolves cyclically. Sometimes, it may seem as though we’re spiraling down into chaos and confusion or into an abyss of nothingness, but in fact, we’re simply going through trials and tribulations that are necessary parts of evolutionary growth spurts and spirals in upward trajectories. Transforming fear and aligning with core trust is essential.

The Bloom Way Path

Stone 1: Grounded Embodiment

Releasing fear and disconnection.

Embracing being present to honoring your core needs, the breath, core trust and connection with ourselves and others through the interconnectedness of our Oneness. 


Stone 2: Know and Be Thyself

Releasing confusion and illusion.

Embracing your truth, clarity of feeling, honoring emotions, balancing boundaries both within your Self and with others. 


Stone 3: Access Inner Power

Releasing judgement, doubt and pessimism. 

Embracing tapping into your inherent worth, inner fire (passion), choosing true nourishment and honoring Self will as well as allowing your identity to evolve.


Stone 4: Hold Heartful Space

Releasing numbing.

Embracing feeling pain as an ally in transformational growth, Practice forgiveness of yourSelf and others. Embrace leading with and through Love.


Stone 5: Express Authentic Integrity

Releasing ruling by agenda and controlling outcomes.

Embracing empowerment and authentic expression. Cultivate resilience for bounce back ability.


Stone 6: Align with Light

Releasing conditioned beliefs, patterns and agreements that are fueling scarcity mind and moodset.

Embracing offering light to shadow for transmutation, reclaiming intuition, making empowering choices from a place of sufficiency and discernment.


Stone 7: Live the Light You Are

Releasing limiting attachments.

Embracing integration of soul and ego, leading through the higher vibrations of joy, love, wisdom and possibility.


Stone 8: Shine through Wholeness

Embracing your divine purpose and connection to source and actualizing your unique Bloomprint that only you can uniquely do.