The Bloom Way

a path for conscious and creative living

The Bloom Way Philosophy

 A seed is planted in the dark of the earth. It’s nourished with water, light, fertilizer and time. The seed grows from within the shadowy soil orienting up and out towards the light. While not all seeds that have been planted sprout, the ones that do are pressed down just the same. The seeds planted throughout our lives’ journeys are similarly planted in the darkness of our souls. How we nourish these seeds of growth is our responsibility and a choice that takes courage. I believe that to have the life we dream of, we must  trust ourselves and lean into our  intuition to guide our paths. This is something I believe we are all working towards mastering, in one way or another.

Taking responsibility for courageously nourishing seeds of growth, no matter how scary the dark may seem, is what the Bloom Journey is all about. Despite my fears and doubts, throughout my own journey I have done my best to honor choosing the real and healing way, what I now call The Bloom Way. Though there have been many times where I had no idea what was going to happen or if things were going to be alright, honoring my commitment to staying the course aligned with healing and growth, I’m living proof that recovery is real and transformational growth is possible for everyone. It can be a dark, messy and scary place in the unknown and uncertain realm of the underground. Yet, this human experience we're all experiencing as skin encapsulated egos and souls in bodies journeying through time and space is an extraordinary one of being both broken and perfect, painful and purposeful. I believe we’re all simply trying to find our way back home to ourselves through love and to understand and honor our soul’s mission for being here.

The Bloom Way journey is not a linear path, but more of a developmental growth spiral that evolves cyclically. Sometimes, it may seem as though we’re spiraling down into chaos or into an abyss of nothingness, but in fact, we’re simply going through trials and tribulations that are necessary parts of evolutionary growth spurts and spirals in upward trajectories.

The Bloom Way Path

Grounded Embodiment. Beginning with embodiment, grounding and centering in the present is where we all must start our healing journey. Frankly, not much is really possible if we’re operating disconnected from, and outside of, the body. The body is this vessel we’re here in as humans for the journey - it behooves us to be in it for the ride! This work of embodiment aligns us with the earth's root chakra energy center from within using the earth element for foundational support. It also aligns with core themes of survival and existence. This is the grounding home of the I AM presence. And, as we root deeply into the heart of Gaia from this conscious presence, we activate the earth star chakra below and anchor the light of our unique vibration from this powerful place. 


Being ThySelf. Self-differentiation and knowing thyself is essential to living in alignment with our unique calling for purposeful living and meaningful work. We cannot live as ourselves if we do not know ourselves, and this is the natural next step along the path following the I AM-ness of being rooted and grounded in the earth. Furthermore, we cannot be differentiated as ourselves without some separation. This work of feeling, along with the grief that can accompany truly coming into knowing ourselves and individuating as such is essential to blooming a life you love. Boundaries between self and others, and internally between self and parts, is essential. Think of the sacral chakra as a kind of empathy control center. It aligns with the element of water and its nourishing creative potential and for health, it must remain balanced.


Aligning with Light. Rooted in the earth and nourished by the flow of the essential element for growth of water, being present and feeling, we are able to attune to our intuition, the light within and thereby ourselves, even more deeply. From within our identities parts and pieces, we access Self and plug in, connect and activate our will for action. Through this action we  initiate and this becomes our life. This chakra aligns with the element of fire located in the solar plexus area of the body - a center for passion, empowerment and identity development. These ground level chakras are initial stones along The Bloom Way path that are foundational infrastructure for the journey. We can’t be effective in our lives if we are out of our bodies, numb to our feelings and shut off from our innate power flame, our raison d’etre, within. This always reminds me of the fire that could never stay out within Howl’s Moving Castle in that Miyazaki film. 


Choosing Intuitive Nourishment. Building on the infrastructure of balanced and unburdened lower three chakras, we are able to ascend into more heart-centered awareness and living. True Nourishment and choosing consciously from alignment with the heart, this is the next stone along The Bloom Way path and made possible once foundational grounding, balanced feeling and alignment with true will and knowing is intact. Opening the heart by embracing pain as an essential friend to us in the healing journey, this is the hope merchant’s pitch. From there, then choosing consciously to nourish ourselves to address the pain for healing purposes, this is the essential perspective that changes everything. Aligning with the element of air, allowing the pain to fuel growth and catalyze change, and using the lifeline of breath to support this process, is the sacred soul of transformational work. This aligns with the heart chakra's work of transmuting pain into the gold of connection and the ability of being able to experience love more deeply. This alchemy brings treasures of the heart.


Offering Light to Shadow.  Self defeating patterns are part of the journey for us all. We all have them and transmuting them is key. As we come into authentic expression of heart aligned living, it becomes absolutely necessary to let go of old ways of being that no longer serve us otherwise, we stay stuck. Embracing ourselves and who we truly are is the essential element to living an authentically happy life. This healing work of evermore deeply coming into authentic expression of ourselves means allowing evermore light of our awareness to enter consciousness; and this light is offered to shadow for creative healing expression. This juncture on the journey aligns with the throat chakra energy center and with the theme of finding and expressing our truth and voice from there. Ether is the associated element. Ether can put you to sleep, fuel a fire and/or support clarity. It is an essential element for healing, an elemental tool for cosmic surgery in a spiritual sense. 


Accessing Power Within. Continuing to build upon this phenomenal energy body infrastructure, we enter the sacred mind of the sixth chakra. From here we can sit in a powerful seat of healthy detachment, clear perspective, connecting to and embracing the true empowerment of not being controlled but stale, old and outdated conditioning, contracts or agreements that no longer serve. We access our sacred mind’s power within and perceive and discern from here. There is true power in activating the brain through the sixth chakra associated with the pituitary gland and has master healing potential. There is true power in releasing limiting thoughtforms and embracing mindset work to support manifesting desired outcomes.


Holding Heartful Space. Holding heartful space comes through practicing brave boundaries both on the inside with ourselves, and on the outside with others. Holding space this way requires wisdom and strength - the kind that comes from  aligning with the power of our crown within - our 7th chakra or crown chakra. This is our energy center reminding us that we’re connected with all that is and is aligned with the pineal gland, the master regulator. Activating the collaboration between the pituitary and the pineal glands, and aligning collaboration with the universal Divine forces for transformation, ensuring  that this chakra is in healthy flow supercharges transformational and healing manifestations and connects us to our Soul’s purpose. 


Shining in Wholeness. Harmonizing into Wholeness, being and living your unique brilliance, this would be the destination if there were one, which there isn’t. We’re all innately always growing whether it’s simply older and oblivious to the ways of the soul, or older and awakening to the wisdom and seasoning that is possible with consciousness raising work. Living with our egos and souls aligned, I like to think of them holding hands in allegiance and collaboration, and enacted through Higher Self leadership, living luminously and harmoniously, whole. This is where the  sweet nectar of the journey is found. 



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