Vision Workshop


One-on-one therapy and coaching
with Maria Mellano

Especially for those who are working through extreme life challenges or healing from trauma and require intensive, deep work through therapy or high achieving goals and projects that require specialized coaching.

Maria Mellano is a seasoned Psychotherapist, Coach, Psychodramatist, and Entrepreneur devoted to heart-led living, bringing originality and creativity to life through her life’s work. An Intuitive Energizing Change-maker, Maria is on a meaningful spiritual mission helping people live a life they love.

Maria's one-on-one therapy and coaching practice centers around her unique philosophy she has come to call "The Wellworth Path" developed over 20 years of professional experience as a clinical psychotherapist. The Wellworth path calls awareness to the body and breath, focus to the here and now, and balance to core belonging and brave boundaries in relationships, within, and with others.

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Discovery sessions are 15-30 minutes via Zoom.

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