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Resilience--release numbing and powerlessness

This week we explored the theme of Resilience in our daily sessions. Bloom Pause is a community offering that meets remotely using Zoom. Each week we explore a new theme through discussion, sharing, meditation, and practices to improve daily life. If you'd like to join Bloom Pause, sign up here.

The truth is we all experience difficult emotions. Difficult emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, loneliness, despair, sadness, fear, confusion, failure, inadequacy, and the like, can feel the most challenging to hold safely. Having emotions is part of the human experience. Period. Try as one might to escape this experience - it's impossible.

I am personally someone who experiences emotion deeply. It's how I'm wired. I am also someone who did not have adequate support from my family of origin to learn how to be with my innate sensitivity compassionately. It was not validated, supported, fostered, or embraced. In fact, it was judged, demeaned, mocked, and insulted. Painful. And, something in...

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